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New Box Altitude Technology

New Box Altitude Technology

Our new oxygen sensor and app, the key components of the Box Altitude system. New technology includes blood oxygen (SP02) and heart rate recording of altitude sessions to further improve the Box Altitude experience.

New tech has landed  — the first altitude system of its kind in the world.

Announcing the release of the Box Altitude Generation 2 Sensors and App.

Our new technology includes blood oxygen (SP02) and heart rate recordings of altitude sessions. Collecting these key metrics allows users to reflect on how their body reacts to an altitude environment and ensure they are sleeping or training at the right altitude, specifically for them to maximise performance. 

You might have noticed companies such as Apple identifying that the amount of oxygen carried in your body is a key performance indicator. Box Altitude are designed and proven to increase the amount of blood oxygen your cells carry by increasing the amount of oxygen your blood cells can transport. 

The newly developed Box Altitude App enables users to log exposure hours. This is achieved when the system is paired with third-party wearables such as Apple Watch, Garmin, and SPO2 specific devices. All of these features connect through Apple Health. 

This is a massive leap forward because it enables you to evaluate the altitude you’re sleeping at in relation to what your body is doing internally, ensuring you’re getting good quality rest while reaping the benefits of altitude. 

The new history calendar captures the following session data:

  • SPO2 Blood oxygen graph average 
  • Heart rate graph average heart rate 
  • Altitude over the course of the session duration
  • Average altitude of session 

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