Perform and Recover

Sleeping at an altitude of 2,500 m (8,200 feet) shows an Hbmass and RCV increased by ∼5%.
This has a direct effect on performance by increasing your VO2 max by 3-3.5%.
"It feels like getting drip fed coffee all day without the negative side effects"

Reviews and ambassadors

Steven Stolk

For cyclists over 60 like me, the Box Altitude system helped me lose 3kg over three months and improve my FTP by 20 watts over three months. From struggling to hold on to our group, I can now actively participate in driving the group.

Peter Varley

The most notable benefit of altitude was simply better performance.

Christian Meier

Ultra runner - Former professional cyclist

I was doing blocks in my Box Altitude tent. Altitude is quite interesting as its not just something that's a one time thing, stacking altitude exposures over years is pretty important and to fit it efficiency into daily life is a bonus for me.

Andrew Kuhl

Absolute game changer. Used the Box Altitude system in preparation for the Mongolia Bike Challenge. Awesome recovery and altitude acclimatization with noticeable performance gains that lasted for months.

Madison Stolk – Altitude room

We have had climbers preparing for base camp, to Ironman athletes training for their next competition in the space. It's a great way to push the human body forward and break those road blocks that hold you back from the next step.

Max Lane

After sleeping at altitude for 3 months I noticed a significant improvement during sustained high intensity efforts. Performances in races and rides went up and my awareness when in the red zone was a lot clearer. Sleep quality and heart rate variability both improved as my body adapted to the altitude.