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Altitude Training: Why Athletes Sleep at Altitude

Altitude Training: Why Athletes Sleep at Altitude

The Aim of Sleeping at Altitude

During sleep in an altitude environment, the aim is to slightly reduce oxygen levels to stimulate your body to work harder, thereby prompting a more efficient production of blood cells. which in turn enhances oxygen transport in the bloodstream.

Outcomes of Sleeping at Altitude

As a result, athletes experience enhanced endurance, recovery, and overall performance when they return to lower altitudes for training or competition.

Case Study 1

Who: Tour De France Champion

When: Every night for 4 weeks before the Tour de France

Why: To increase aerobic capacity and enhance recovery time so they could compete at their peak in every stage

Results: Tour De France Champion


Case Study 2


When: nights a week for 5 weeks before playoffs

Why: To maintain aerobic capacity and enhance recovery time while injured 

Results: Accelerated recovery and return to play 


Case Study 3

Who: AFL Star

When: Every night for 6 weeks during preseason

Why: Build their aerobic tank so they could cover the ground better, play more minutes and have more impact 

Results: Top 5 of Distance Covered in 68% of Matches (increased from 25% previous season). Top 10 in Ranking Points League Wide


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