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Lease Partnership Program launches with Luft Los Angeles

Lease Partnership Program launches with Luft Los Angeles

In collaboration with Luft we are launching a Lease Program, where customers can lease a Box Altitude King Sleep Cloud system.


Box Altitude is a world leader in the Altitude Sleep and Training space, producing state of the art, altitude systems, which have been designed to enhance athletic performance. Our systems are used by professional and elite amateur athletes, across a number of sporting codes.

Luft Los Angeles is an outstanding community focused bike shop. Located at 1930 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, Luft has a fantastic range of products for cyclists and athletes. Beyond the store itself Luft also organizes community events and creates an environment of inclusivity and engagement. 

In collaboration with Luft we are launching a Lease Program, where customers can lease a Box Altitude King Sleep Cloud system, enabling them to encounter the performance gains normally only attainable by a handful of elite athletes, typically vying for gold medals and world titles. 

We have had wonderful success at bringing tangible results to everyday people, some of the most exciting feedback is hearing how spending time in our systems has enabled customers to trek mountains with ease, or finding that they have more energy throughout the day.

The Lease Program allows the Luft community to unlock the benefits of altitude.
Contact Luft to start your altitude journey.

Benefits of Altitude

Box Altitude produces the finest, most innovative, altitude sleep and training products on the market.

Sleeping at Altitude

The effects of sleeping at altitude are well documented with specific benefits including:

  • Increased Hb mass
  • Increased V02 max
  • Improved Recovery Time
  • Improved Aerobic Capacity
  • Acclimatization for High Altitude Activity

Training at Altitude

The effects of training at altitude are well documented with specific benefits including:

  • Increases Repeat Sprint Ability (Repeat Sprint Training)
  • Increased V02 max (HIIT Training)
  • Increases Serum Growth Hormone (Resistance Training)
  • Increases Capillary to Fiber Ratio (Resistance Training)
  • Effective Acclimatization for High Altitude Activity

Box Altitude Systems 

Sleep Cloud

The Sleep Cloud has redefined the sleeping at altitude space by being quiet, attractive and efficient.

Simply dial in the altitude you wish to sleep at, and the system will maintain the set altitude all night. The tent is spacious so there is no feeling of claustrophobia, nor does your body temperature increase due to the spacious sleeping environment.

Altitude Bedroom

Seamless Altitude Integration.

Box Altitude specialises in retro-fitting bedrooms with customized altitude systems.

No space is too big or too small. Simply close your door, turn on your system via the Box Altitude App®, and let the system take care of the rest.

Training Cloud

Maximize the effectiveness of your indoor workouts.

Suitable for a treadmill, rowing erg or Zwift/Wahoo type training platform.

Compact, easy to use and highly effective, the Training Cloud is used by some of the best athletes in the world.

Altitude Gym

The ultimate way to train at altitude.

Box Altitude offers solutions that can convert any size and space to an altitude environment.

Altitude gyms are used by high performance teams and organizations to get competitive advantage with their training compared to their rivals.

Altitude gyms are also growing in popularity for commercial use.

About Luft Los Angeles

Luft Los Angeles is a community focused bike shop which offers unique experiences and programming.

They organize regular rides for community members and host charity events to help expand cycling culture beyond the bike. 

Interested in altitude and in the LA area?

Reach out to Luft to lease or buy a Box Altitude System, or head into their store to find out more about the Lease Program!
(310) 392 LUFT (5838)

1930 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
Los Angeles

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